Heritage Language Teachers Award Night May 01, 2017

EMCEE President Jim Leskun welcomed everyone to this year’s Award Night following which he introduced the following special guests.

MLA David Buckingham was the first to address the meeting. He brought greetings from the Government of Saskatchewan. Part of his message included reference to languages such as Dakota, Cree and Saulteaux which are languages native to North America, not spoken on any other continent, so if not supported in Saskatchewan

would be the first to disappear. MLA Trent Wotherspoon spoke of the importance of supporting the teaching of Heritage Languages in Saskatchewan as newcomers to the province add to the diversity and strength of our province and our economy.

Mayor Michael Fougere brought greetings from the City of Regina and stated that City Council is in full support of the work of MLAR and of SOHL and of the help these two organizations give as Regina welcomes a growing number of people from other countries, Regina ranking 4th in terms of population growth in Canada.

Mike Walter brought greetings on behalf of the Regina Public School Board. He mentioned that the first language of 20% of students attending Regina Public Schools is other than either English or French so the work that MLAR does to support Heritage Languages in the Regina area is something that the Regina Public School Board fully supports, a message that MLAR President Jim Leskun later said was most welcome as the majority of MLAR’s 30 Heritage Language Schools teach their languages either at Balfour or at Campbell Collegiates which are under the jurisdiction of the Regina Public School Board.

Joanne McDonald, President of SaskCulture, also brought greetings from SaskCulture which she identified as a non-profit organization that provides funding to a wide variety of cultural non-profit corporations in Saskatchewan, including funding to both SOHL and to MLAR.

Chanchal Sethi, Vice President of SOHL, the Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages, was the last to bring greetings. Part of her message was that in spite of funding cuts that occurred effective school year 2016-2017, SOHL will continue its financial support to Heritage Language Schools here in Regina as well as to Heritage Language Schools in other parts of the province.

This year’s Heritage Language Teachers’ Award Night was attended by a total of 76 including MLAR Board Members and Committee Members, Heritage Language School Teachers and Principals and special guests.

Following the above greetings from special guests, a dinner buffet was enjoyed by all, and prior to the presentation of awards, entertainment was provided by the following: Male members of the Regina German Club performed a rather spectacular dance described as intended to make an impression on members of the opposite sex, a dance which included some kicking and falling. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Heritage Language Teachers Award Night May 01, 2017 Members of the Tavria Ukrainian Folk Dance Ensemble then performed 2 fantastic dances. Needless to say, still photos of the group cannot do justice to the quality of their performance, and the same can be said of the performance by the Regina German Club.

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