MLAR has undergone an exciting change during the month of February, 2017

We have just welcomed in the spring of 2017 and I trust that all of our Heritage Language Schools have had a good 2016-2017 school year to date. MLAR has undergone an exciting change during the month of February, 2017 with the move from our old office at 2144 Cornwall Street to the CBC Building, located on Broad Street, just inside Wascana Park.

The move was initiated by the Saskatchewan Multicultural Centre Association (SMCA) with the sale of the Cornwall Street Building. Paying utilities and maintaining a 100 year old property was a significant financial liability for MLAR, as we were one of the two member organizations within SMCA. Regina’s City Council had granted the SMCA a tax property abatement in early 2016, which expired in December of 2018, at which time the property taxes would have ballooned to the $10,000 per year range. Gord Zakreski, the new Executive Director of SOHL, was tasked with the finding of a new home for both SOHL & MLAR.

The new leased office space is very professional and efficient and has resulted in a 30% savings in rent per month from the Cornwall Street location.

The big news in March was the Federal and Provincial budgets and although the Heritage Language community was spared any further cuts (tough to cut funding when there is none!), one of our key stakeholders, the Regina Public School Board, was not as fortunate as they suffered a significant funding cut. We are hoping that this loss of funding will have no bearing on our relationship with them as they provide MLAR with one of the most important assets of MLAR, classroom space in Balfour and Campbell Collegiate.

To ensure that we maintain a positive relationship with the school board, it is imperative that Heritage Language Schools treat the classrooms at Balfour and Campbell as if they were your own home. We continue to receive complaints from both high schools; this is drawing unwanted negative attention to our programming and even after a good relationship which has lasted several decades, I can’t stress enough that with the financial climate within Saskatchewan, many organizations are looking at trimming budgets. If access to the high schools is lost, MLAR may cease to exist. Please ensure that your Heritage Language School isn’t the reason for the loss of our privileged use of the classrooms!

It is also that time of year when MLAR is preparing for our annual Heritage Language Volunteer Teacher Award Night which will be held on Monday, May 1st , 2017 at the Travelodge on south Albert Street. Please submit your name if you plan to attend this event (free to all Heritage Language School Teachers, Coordinators & Principals) and also to inform the MLAR office if you or your teachers qualify for a service pin, indicating the number of years of experience. There will be a brief AGM held just prior to the Award Night program so please attend both functions.

In closing, I hope all Heritage Language Schools have a successful conclusion to the 2016-2017 school year and that we see many of you at the Heritage Language Volunteer Teacher Award Night.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Leskun, MLAR President

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